Passion Fruit (Lilikoi) Cheesecake

December 11, 2012

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It’s no secret that I love passion fruit, or to use its melodious Hawaiian name, lilikoi.  When I’m in Hawaii I always buy fresh passion fruit and extract the juice myself.  If I have a lot, I freeze it, pack it in my checked luggage, and bring it home to Montana.  This year, a friend of mine who has lots of lilikoi growing on his property, gave me a quart of fresh juice.  With this much lilikoi I had more than enough to make a cheesecake and a gorgeous tangy glaze.

Matt and Mary Lovein are artists who live and work on Hawaii’s Big Island, also called Hawaii, and they have a gigantic and prolific lilikoi vine on their property that produces hundreds of fruit a year.  Matt juices the fruit and freezes dozens of quarts of the orange liquid.

It takes a lot of lilikoi to make even a quart of juice, about 4 dozen fruit, and Matt’s gift  allowed me the luxury of experimentation.  The cheesecake is one of my results. Here’s the  recipe.  You can order unsweetened passion fruit juice from Aunty Lilikoi.




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